Rent a Master Gardener: Home Watcher

The Master Gardener program is a fabulous program here in Arizona  and across the country. Contact your local office and learn all about the program. Here is Arizona the program is a part of the U of A  Extension Office. People who go through the program perform community services for their community in a wide and varied topics.If you want to work with a Master Gardener contact the U of A Office.

If you want me to help you let me know. You can rent me and I can help you out.  Once a master gardener you are always a master gardener. As an owner of multiple Homes  you get a very different insight about your property. Working with a Master Gardener rental home  owner is a big plus for home owners.

I use my Master Gardener training to care for my rental properties. I love plants and when I see plant problems I take care of these problems. The cost of plant care can get expensive here in Arizona, but there are many ways to cut down the cost.


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