Sex in your empty house!@@^&

I know you do not want to hear this but your house is empty and people are coming thru it like a  shift on  a  New York City street.

A realtor friend told me this story about how many  empty homes are used in the middle of the day for a mid day love nest. This tends to happen more in your higher end homes. I guess its no fun to do this in a middle income home.

There  is little the home owner can do to prevent this. Yes it is possible to install security cameras but then someone has to manage those cameras.

I have a better idea. To prevent the use of your home for sexual activities by complete strangers try what we as kids did at summer camp.  Put some poison ivy in between the sheets. Believe me your bed will not be used for sex by anyone.

This subject gets many hits, it seems this is on everyone’s mind. Attractive empty houses have this problem, if you feel something can be done about it, please leave a reply.