How to hire a Home Sitter or Watcher.

Hiring the right person to care for your property while you are away is not easy. If you hire the wrong person it could be a disaster or a very expensive experience. So here are some few ideas.

Don’t rush into your decision. Interview a minimum of 3 people for the job. If one is a realtor check with the Real Estate Board for any information on the agent. If one is a contractor, check with the Registrar of Contractors.

Check  public records for Judgements or pending legal actions.  Whenever I hire someone I always try to find out how they solve problems.  Problems will come up during your assignment so knowing or having an idea on how the individual handles problems can save you money and many headaches.

We have noticed that many people will just throw up their hands and walk away from an assignment rather than try to deal and solve the issues at hand.

In Arizona and I am sure the rest of the nation, some people give you a low price upfront and will drive you crazy with extra charges. They make claims for extra payment all the time so the assignment gets more expensive as time goes by. And of course the assignment gets nasty  and  nastier with each claim that is presented.